What Types of Sedation Dentistry are Legal in Virginia?

Careful, not all dentist have a permit or certifications to provide sedation dentistry Virginia

Careful, not all dentist have a permit or certifications to provide sedation dentistry!

Do you cringe whenever you hear the word “dentist”? What if we told you that you could come to the dentist and never feel that crippling anxiety? Such a thing is possible thanks to our sedation dentistry options in Harrisonburg, VA.

You may be among the millions of Americans who avoid the dentist entirely because of:

  • fear of or low tolerance of pain
  • not being able to sit in a chair for too long
  • having extreme tooth sensitivity
  • gag reflex
  • needing seemingly overwhelming dental restoration

If that is you, you may be surprised to learn about our sedation dentistry solutions for all levels of dental anxiety!

Sedation dentistry options in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Sedation in dentistry is well-known and endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA) since it helps patients feel at peace during their visit.

During your dental appointments, Dr. Eye II can use sedation for practically anything, ranging from a surgical full-mouth rehabilitation to an ordinary dental cleaning and checkup appointment. In both scenarios, our patients are at ease and relaxed!

How is that possible?

What levels of sedation dentistry does Dr. Eye II use?

Depending on your fear level, our solutions to dental anxiety can range from “mild” to “deep sleep” sedation.

Mild may refer to taking a simple pill to help feel relaxed, whereas deep sleep sedation often refers to having a certified doctor like Dr. Kenneth Eye II administer a sedative IV.

In the state of Virginia, a legal permit is required to perform oral sedation at the moderate sedation level, and a qualified practitioner must be certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Thanks to his extensive training and options available, Dr. Kenneth Eye II has all of these certifications and legal permits to be able to adjust your sedation options to match your needs.

Schedule your sedation dentistry consultation in Harrisonburg, VA

Fear of the dentist no longer has to be an obstacle to you having a healthy, beautiful smile thanks to sedation dentistry!

Dr. Kenneth Eye II is certified to provide sedation dentistry in Virginia. Schedule your sedation dentistry consultation with him to find out what options are best to help you feel calm and in control while caring for your exceptional smile!