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Custom-Crafted Porcelain Crowns

Discover a top tooth restoration that looks and feels natural.

A middle-aged couple smiling with custom-made dental crowns
A middle-aged couple smiling with custom-made dental crowns
A middle-aged couple smiling with custom-made dental crowns

If you've experienced tooth damage or tooth loss and are worried you'll never feel like yourself again, our team at Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry is here to help. Our custom-made porcelain crowns help restore the look, feel, and function of damaged teeth.

The crown works like a tooth cover and is safely adhered to your tooth. It's matched to your tooth's original shape, size, and structure so you can enjoy your smile's full function again.

Our crowns help restore:

  • Broken, decaying, or damaged teeth.
  • Missing teeth (with the help of a dental implant)
  • Crowns in need of replacement

Find out how we can improve your smile and confidence with a life-like tooth restoration.


How Dental Crowns Help Your Smile:

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Crowns are strong and durable to protect your tooth and restore function.

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Feel like yourself again with a complete and beautiful smile.

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The long-term tooth restoration can last for 10+ years with proper care.


Modern Restorations Meet Personalized Care

Experience higher standards in dentistry with our dentists in Harrisonburg and Woodstock, VA.

With three generations of experience, our dental office has a reputation for treating patients like family. Beyond our advanced technology and services, our modern office offers a spa-like atmosphere to help you feel relaxed.

You can expect:

  • Leading care: Dr. Eye and Dr. Eye II (Dr. Rob) have years of experience and training in family, restorative, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry to make treatments more effective, convenient, and comfortable.
  • Comfortable amenities: Sit back and relax during your appointment with massage chairs, TVs, cordless headphones, and warm towels infused with soothing scents.
  • Easy financing: We accept most insurances and offer several different payment options to make treatments more accessible.

Don't settle for living with a damaged tooth or worn crown. Schedule a porcelain crown consultation today.

Dr. Kenneth Eye and his son Dr. Kenneth Eye II sitting on a sofa
Dr. Kenneth Eye and his son Dr. Kenneth Eye II sitting on a sofa
Dr. Kenneth Eye and his son Dr. Kenneth Eye II sitting on a sofa

‘‘This is by far one of the best dentist offices I have had the pleasure of being a patient of. I have had multiple procedures done at their office and have to say that they go above and beyond to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and well informed.

Kelly M., 5-Star Google Review

FAQ About Dental Crowns in Woodstock & Harrisonburg

Dental crowns are tooth restoration treatments to make a tooth whole and healthy again. They help fix broken teeth, cracked teeth, and damaged teeth (from trauma or tooth decay).

Dental crowns can also replace missing teeth when attached to a dental implant or protect a tooth after a root canal procedure.

The process is simple:

  • First appointment: The teeth are prepped, and a mold is taken to create your crown
  • Short waiting period: An expert dental lab creates the crown
  • Second appointment: Your custom-crafted crown is placed and adjusted to fit on your smile comfortably

A dental crown works like a tooth cover to protect the tooth and create a full, beautiful smile. It can also be used to complete a dental implant or root canal procedure for long-term oral health.

While there are different types of dental crowns available, including metal and porcelain-on-metal, our team at Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry offers life-like porcelain crowns. They look natural, feel natural, and are long-lasting.

One more thing: You may have heard of dental caps and may be wondering what the difference is between dental caps vs. crowns, but they're the same dental procedure (just different names).

Crowns don't ruin your teeth; instead, they help restore and protect damaged or broken teeth.

It's important to maintain excellent hygiene at home and visit your dentist for scheduled cleanings and exams. At these appointments, your dentist will also check the integrity of the crown.

A loose or broken crown puts you at risk of tooth decay when bacteria seeps in, but this can be prevented if caught and fixed early on.

The cost of dental crowns depends on several factors, including the extent of work, the type of crown, and your insurance coverage.

To find out how much your crown treatment will cost, please schedule a consultation with our dentist in Harrisonburg or Woodstock, VA. We accept different types of insurance providers and also offer financing options to help make payments more manageable.

When considering cost, it's important to look at the value of a long-lasting tooth restoration like porcelain crowns. Greater confidence, improved oral health, and better tooth function are all benefits of porcelain dental crowns.

Our dentist also offers other restorative dentistry procedures to make your smile complete.

Getting a crown isn't painful, but you may feel slight discomfort during the tooth preparation.

In addition to using numbing agents, our dentists offer sedation dentistry and office amenities like scented towels and a comfortable massage chair to help you feel relaxed from start to finish.

It may take a few days to get used to your new dental crown (as with any fresh dental work), but we'll be sure to check for comfort and fit before finalizing the procedure.

Dental crowns can last for 10 years or more and are among the top ways to restore a tooth's appearance and function.

Your dental crown can last longer by:

  • Regular brushing and flossing
  • Scheduling dental cleanings and checkups
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle (no smoking or tobacco use)
  • Wearing a nightguard if you suffer from teeth grinding at night (bruxism)

Contact us for a porcelain crown consultation today.

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