Dental Implants for Harrisonburg & Woodstock, VA Residents

Smile faster and live better with our affordable, minimally-invasive dental implant system.

Dental implants Harrisonburg, VA - Graphic showing the parts of a dental implant, which include a crown, abutment, and titanium post

What Are Dental Implants?

Your second chance to a beautiful smile.

Are missing teeth hindering your ability to eat, speak, and smile? Dental implants for our Harrisonburg, VA and Woodstock, VA patients are the best solution to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or help stabilize poor-fitted dentures. This is because implants mimic the function and look of natural teeth, consisting of three parts:

  • Crown
  • Abutment
  • Titanium Post

It starts with Dr. Eye placing the titanium post within the jawbone. Once the post is fused with the jawbone, the abutment and crown are beautifully fitted on the post, creating a natural-looking restoration.


How Exceptional Smiles Make Implants... Exceptional!

Smile faster. Spend less time in the chair.

At Exceptional Smiles, we use minimally-invasive dental implants, making your treatment as pain-free as possible.

Popcorn to represent eating easily with dental implants in Harrisonburg, VA

Ability to Speak and Chew

Missing teeth and unstable dentures make it extremely difficult to eat and speak with confidence. You may be slurring your words or can't enjoy that delicious apple without being in pain. A dental implant is firmly placed and functions like a natural tooth, making it easier to eat and speak.

graphic representing the durability of dental implants for Harrisonburg, VA and Woodstock, VA residents.

Built to Last

As long as you keep up an excellent oral hygiene routine, your implant can last up to a lifetime. Also, it's the best option for your smile since it doesn't require our dentists to reduce the size of your surrounding teeth, keeping them healthy and functional.

Smiling comment bubble with a tooth to represent that dental implants in Harrisonburg VA are done under one roof.

All Under One Roof

Undergoing extensive continuing education, Dr. Eye can place AND restore your implant in the same office. This eliminates the need to refer you to a specialist, seeing the same face from start to finish.

Tooth with a gear to represent the modern technologies used for dental implants procedure at Exceptional Smiles

Modern Technology

Our experienced Implant Dentist uses the Cone Beam technology to accurately visualize and plan the placement of your implant, creating predictable results.

Tooth with a heart to represent virtually painless dental implants for Harrisonburg VA and Woodstock VA residents.

Virtually Painless

With our soft touch and modern technologies, you won't need to undergo full surgery to receive your artificial tooth. Minimally-invasive dental implants require less time and little to no postoperative pain.

Diamond icon to represent you can get dental implants in Harrisonburg VA and Woodstock VA at an affordable price


We want all of our patients to get the smile of their dreams. That's why we'll do what we can to work treatment within your budget. Ask us for details!

What Patients Are Saying About Our Dental Implants in Harrisonburg, VA and Woodstock, VA

From replacing a single missing tooth to replacing a whole smile with All-on-4 dental implants (the full denture alternative), our patients have lots to say about their dental implant experience.

‘‘I was embarrassed about my missing teeth for years, but was afraid of the pain associated with surgery. After finally getting my implants placed, I can’t believe I waited so long—it was almost completely painless!’’

Abe Gordon | Age 63

‘‘I had removable dentures for years and wasn’t able to eat the healthy foods that I loved. After getting my dental implants, I’m finally able to take control of my health by eating right. Best of all, I’m no longer embarrassed about eating at restaurants because I know my implants are secure.’’

Marcy Suttoff | Age 79

‘‘I haven’t felt this confident about my smile in years. I see myself in the mirror now and think, ‘This is how my smile is supposed to look.'’’

Rebecca Anderson | Age 32

‘‘When my dentist suggested dental implants, I was hesitant. But once he explained the process, I saw that it wasn’t anywhere as scary as I thought. It’s the best decision I’ve made for my oral health.’’

Kelly Bennett | Age 51

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

Unlike traditional implant procedures, minimally-invasive implant procedures require fewer appointments, less healing time, and little to no pain. With minimally-invasive techniques, you can have a single implant placed in as little as seven minutes with a general healing time of just three months.

Minimally-invasive techniques:

  • Placed in as little as seven minutes
  • General healing time of three months
  • Little to no post-operative pain
  • Fewer appointments required
  • Improve your oral health
  • Enjoy your favorite foods again
Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth and multiple missing teeth. If you're missing one tooth or multiple teeth, a single implant placement would be the best option.Dental Implants can also be used to stabilize slipping and sliding dentures. Titanium posts will be placed within your jawbone, and then your dentures will be securely placed on the posts. This ensures a stable fit.

Along with the ability to eat, chew, and smile, implants also provide lifetime health benefits:

  • Stop jawbone deterioration: When you have missing teeth, the jaw loses its support. This results in the jaw to deteriorate, losing facial support. With a dental implant, the post acts as the tooth root, stopping the deterioration process and stabilizing your jaw.
  • Healthy teeth: Unlike a dental bridge, Dr. Eye doesn't need to shave down your surrounding teeth to make room for the dental implant. This keeps your natural teeth's function and beauty, keeping it healthy for the future.
  • Improved appearance: Implants mimic the function AND look of natural teeth. This means your implant will blend seamlessly with your smile - no one has to know you have an implant!

It's our top priority to make sure you're comfortable from start to finish. At Exceptional Smiles, our implant solution is minimally-invasive, making this procedure virtually pain-free. For those who need an extra boost, we do offer sedation dentistry to make your visit a dream.Additionally, we offer comforting amenities to help you forget you're even at the dental office:

  • Massage chairs
  • Warm towels
  • TVs
  • Cordless headphones
  • Latest dental technology
Since implants look and feel like natural teeth and can last up to a lifetime, dental implants are well worth the investment.Every situation is unique, which is why we'll work with you to accommodate your financial needs. We're also offering a unique promotion for our minimally-invasive dental implants. Get a free consultation ($185 value) to find out if you're a dental implants candidate.
The All-on-4 dental implant method is a full-arch smile permanently fixed in the jaw like natural teeth. Using four strategically placed implant posts, Dr. Eye II will securely place a full prosthesis similar to a denture but one that will not move around in your mouth while you eat, smile, and laugh.

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