5 Toothbrush Timer Apps to Make Your Kids Love Brushing Their Teeth

When it comes to taking care of your family’s dental care, brushing and flossing your teeth is one of the most important things you do every day. For kids, it can also be one of the most boring. For some parents, it can turn into a daily fight. We’ve already shared our 10 Tips for Keeping Kids’ Teeth Clean and Healthy. Making oral hygiene fun can help take some of the stress out of getting ready for school and bed.

And what better way to make brushing and flossing fun than by turning it into a game? Here are 5 free app recommendations from Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry to help your kids get excited about brushing their teeth.

Try these 5 great toothbrush timer apps to get your kids brushing.

  1. Heroes of Hygiene

With four different characters to choose from, Heroes of Hygiene turns oral hygiene into a game that keeps kids engaged for a full two minutes. Kids can play as Captain Molar, Enamel Girl, Max Floss, or Pearly Whites. Additionally Heroes of Hygiene helps teach proper brushing techniques and explains to them the importance of visiting the dentist and keeping their teeth clean.

Heroes of Hygiene is available for iOS and Android.

Try these toothbrush timer apps to get your kids to brush.
  1. BrushyTime

Brushy Time has separate customizable timers for brushing and rinsing and comes with a clean and simple, classic theme along with a fun pirate theme that kids will love. While the timer counts down, the pirate and his parrot talk to kids to keep them occupied. In addition to the free app, there is also an option for a $0.99 upgrade that includes a flower theme.

BrushyTime is available for iOS.

  1. T-Rex Kids Toothbrush Timer

Got a kid who loves dinosaurs? The T-Rex Toothbrush Timer is just the thing to get them excited about brushing their teeth every day. A cute t-rex shows kids all the areas they need to brush to keep their teeth healthy. As he counts down, different sections of his teeth are highlighted so kids can follow along and brush every surface.

T-Rex Toothbrush Timer is available for iOS.

Fun toothbrush timer apps to get your kids to love brushing.
  1. Disney Magic Timer

The Disney Magic Timer has 23 different characters from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars it also gives kids a digital sticker each time they brush for two minutes. It tracks their progress on the calendar and also gives them badges for each milestone they reach. When kids start each session they get to choose an image with their favorite characters that are gradually revealed as they brush, encouraging them to complete the full two minutes of brushing.

Disney Magic Timer is available for iOS and Android.

Try these toothbrush timer apps to get your kids brushing
  1. Brush Up

Robots and digital stickers make Brush Up a winner with kids. Parents will love the fact that it actually teaches kids how to brush better. Brush Up features Budd, a cute cartoon robot who brushes along with your child. He shows them where and how to brush. The free version includes prizes (stickers), a catchy theme song, and a Magic Mirror that puts your child right there on the screen with Budd. You can also upgrade to the premium version, which has new prizes each month. The Brush Up app also includes real-time reports sent to both you and your child’s dentist, and a Selfie Match game.

Brush Up is available for iOS and Android.

Toothbrush timer apps to help get your kids brush.

What’s Your Favorite App?

Do you have a favorite app that helps your kids love brushing their teeth? Share it with us in the comments section below!