Lasers in Dentistry for 2017 at Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry

exceptional smiles laser dentistry

At Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry, we offer you the most up-to date dental and medical technology both in equipment and procedures to be able to provide top-notch patient care. When Kenneth R. Eye II evaluates a new technology whether it be new equipment or a new procedure he looks at the independent research and clinical studies on the product or service. Dr. Eye is involved in many peer-to-peer dentist groups around the country that he stays in contact with to directly correspond with the top clinical dentists in the field of dentistry. Not only does Dr. Eye II take over 150 hours of continuing education, he spends over 1,500 hours a year educating and treating his patients at his private practice in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Laser Zahnbehandlung

For 2017, Dr. Eye II is now using a soft tissue diode laser to perform many procedures that patients have asked. He will use the laser to perform:

  • soft tissue crown lengthening,
  • gingival toughing for dental crowns
  • gingivectomies (remove tissue from gummy smiles)
  • frenectomies (remove tissue attachments)
  • uncovering implants
  • aphthous ulcer treatment
  • cold sore treatment
  • remove being tongue tied
  • laser tooth whitening

Many advantages come from the laser’s safe and efficient use of light to gently remove tissue. Most procedures are pain free needed no or little anesthesia. The best part about the laser is the decreased healing time and patient healing comfort. In 2017 you will notice a new sign in our office for the public that says, “Laser in Use” sign which no precautions need to be made except if you are the patient being treated, are the doctor or the dental assistant in which laser safety glasses will be worn.

Our gum disease (periodontal disease) patients will enjoy the hygienist disinfecting the gum pockets with the laser to aid in tissue reattachment and healing after scaling and root planning (deep cleaning). Our mission at Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry and by Kenneth R. Eye II, DDS is to “Inspire our patients to keep their teeth smiling a lifetime because we care.”

Dr. Eye II already as experience using a CO2 Laser performing numerous frenectomies and a gingivectomy on a cosmetic dentistry case while performing a smile make over on a patient completing 14 crowns. Dr. Eye is certified to use a diode laser by the International Center Laser Education.

Perfect smile after bleaching. Dental care and whitening teeth. Laser teeth whitening

Perfect smile after bleaching. Dental care and whitening teeth. Laser teeth whitening

Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry is proud to offer our patients in-office Laser Tooth Whitening. This procedure is painless and relatively quick with the whitening resulting lasting up to 2.5 years depending on your lifestyle.