How Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry’s Patient-First Philosophy Makes Us The Best Harrisonburg Dentist


Girl with beautiful white teeth on reception at the doctor dentist getting exceptional patient care


Many people think that knowing everything there is to know about teeth is what makes a dentist the best. And while dental knowledge is certainly important, we at Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry believe that patient care is what really sets us apart. We’d like to share a little bit about our philosophy and how—in our humble opinion—it makes us the best dentist in Harrisonburg.


Patients First, Always

From the moment you walk in the door at Exceptional Smiles, we want every part of your visit to be a pleasant experience. Our staff is friendly and welcoming, and you’re guaranteed to always be greeted with a smile. We take extra measures to make our patients feel like they’re part of the Exceptional Smiles Family.

Our office is designed to make everyone feel at home. Patients love the ambiance and state of the art technology, including massage chairs, television screens in every exam room, and modern decor that doesn’t feel like a stuffy office.

Dentist and patient, man and woman in doctor's office, shaking hands after patient care.

We pride ourselves in giving excellent patient care.

Gentle, Calming Care

We pride ourselves on showing people that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Many of our patients say that they used to be terrified of dental checkups—before they started coming to Exceptional Smiles. We do our best to put our patients at ease and make their visits as quick, painless, and stress free as possible.

We talk you through every step of the process and let you know what we’re doing, and why. Our staff is specifically trained to work with patients who have dental anxiety in order to alleviate their fears. We encourage questions and don’t mind taking the time to explain procedures. At Exceptional Smiles, the patient should always feel in control.


man in a dental examination at dentist getting patient care

Our goal is to get the thumbs up every time!


Gratitude And Appreciation

Our patients are the best part of our practice and the reason we all go to work smiling every day.  We share stories with them, get to know them, and let them know how much we appreciate their trust, loyalty and patronage. We do everything we can to make our patients as happy as they make us.

You’ve heard it from us, so now it’s time to come in and see for yourself what makes Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry the best in Harrisonburg. Learn more about us HERE or call (540) 434-5500 to schedule an appointment today!