Curly-haired woman showcasing her brilliantly white, perfect smile

Veneers for Medical Reasons: Beyond Aesthetic

Veneers are merely a cosmetic procedureThis link leads to Cosmetic dentistry page. They repair stains, chips, and other superficial defects, and that’s it. You may have heard that statement before, but we have a news flash! It isn’t 100 percent factual because a dentist at Exceptional Smiles Family DentistryThis link leads to a Home page […]

Find Out How Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry Can Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign Braces

Every year, millions of people around the world undergo orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth. Most people start these treatments as teenagers, but the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatments is steadily increasing. Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but there are several other reasons why straightening your teeth is a good idea.   What Are […]

8 reasons to love clear aligners

8 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners Over Metal Braces

  Have you been putting off getting your smile straightened because you’d rather not be seen with metal brackets and wires all over your teeth? Traditional braces can take years to successfully straighten your smile – all the while you are dealing with eating restrictions, the endless struggle of brushing and flossing around all those […]

Considering a Smile Design Consultation with Dr. Eye II? Here’s What to Expect!

Have you ever considered enhancing your confidence and appearance through smile design?  Harrisonburg VA dentist, Dr. Eye II can help! Here at Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry, we have helped many patients achieve the smiles of their dreams using personalized smile design treatment plans. Because every patient’s dental needs and goals are different, it’s vital to […]

Say “I Do!” to a Beautiful Wedding Day Smile with Harrisonburg Invisalign!

Did you get engaged recently? Our entire Harrisonburg and Woodstock dental team would like to say “Congratulations!” As you begin planning your wedding, don’t forget your most important accessory: your wedding day SMILE! Couples typically smile for hundreds of photos on their wedding day. Achieve your own beautiful wedding day smile with Invisalign! Treatment involves […]