8 Mouth-Healthy Ideas for Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

A Christmas stocking filled with holiday goodies.

A Christmas stocking filled with holiday goodies.


The holidays are all about family, friends, food, and, of course, gifts. Whether you’re the type to start planning months ahead or you rush out at the last minute to do your shopping, you can’t go wrong with gifts that improve your loved ones’ oral health.


Here are 8 ideas from Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry for mouth-healthy holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.


1. Electric Toothbrush


Holiday Gift Ideas - Electronic Toothbrush and woman holding one

Female hand with electric teethbrush over isolated background


A good electric toothbrush can provide a better clean than manual brushing, and one with fun colors or cartoon characters can even get kids excited about brushing their teeth.


2. Sugar Free Gum


Sugarless gum is a tasty, mouth-healthy treat for kids. But it does more than that: it also helps promote saliva production, preventing dry mouth and helping to clean bacteria and food particles out of their mouths.


3. Travel Toothpaste and Mouthwash


Small, travel size containers of toothpaste and mouthwash are convenient to have around when you’re going on a trip. Put them in a clear, zipper lined plastic case with some floss for an easy travel dental kit for your loved ones.


4. Toothbrush Timer


Most people know you’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, but how many of us actually time it? A toothbrush timer makes it easy to keep track of how long you’re brushing, and it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!


5. Floss Picks


Dental Hygiene Tool Set: dental floss and toothbrush. - Holiday Gift Ideas

Dental Hygiene Tool Set: dental floss and toothbrush.


If you know of someone on your list who hates flossing, stick a container of floss picks in their stocking. The picks are much easier to use than traditional string floss, making it much more likely they’ll actually use them.


6. Mouth Guard


If you know someone who plays sports, a mouth guard makes a great stocking stuffer. Athletes who wear them are 60 times less likely to sustain a sports-related dental injury.


7. Whitening Kit


Teeth whitening is one of the number one cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. Give the gift of a whiter smile with an at home whitening kit.


8. Toothbrush Sanitizer


Toothbrushes are used to clean all kinds of unpleasant things off our teeth. A toothbrush sanitizer gets rid of all the bacteria and debris left behind so it doesn’t end up back in your mouth the next time you brush.


What gifts are you getting your loved ones this holiday season? Got another idea for a great mouth-healthy gift that’s not on our list? Share it with us in the comments below!