5 Ways Dr. Eye Can Give You A Beautiful, Exceptional Smile

Regular dental checkups are an important part of your oral (and overall) health. Cleanings, cavity fillings, and oral cancer screenings can prevent a whole host of larger problems down the line. But even if you have perfect oral health, you can still be less than happy with your teeth—many people are self-conscious of their smiles.

That’s where cosmetic and restorative dentistry comes in.

Here are 5 ways Dr. Eye and the Exceptional Smiles team can give you a beautiful smile that you’ll be proud to show off.


Teeth before and after treatment - dental composite filling. cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

1. Composite Fillings

Amalgam or “silver” fillings are made up of a combination of several different metals. While they are typically perfectly safe for most patients, they can be very noticeable depending on where they are located.

At Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry, we use composite fillings, which are the same color as your tooth and virtually invisible. If you have old metal fillings, we can replace them with composite ones that match your teeth so you can smile as much as you want and no one will every know they’re there.



Tooth Crown - cosmetic and restorative dentistry

2. Porcelain Crowns

Broken or fractured teeth can be capped with a porcelain crown that covers the entire tooth surface. Crowns not only restore teeth to their original appearance, they also strengthen and protect them against future damage.

Porcelain crowns match the color of your tooth and are extremely durable. At the first appointment, a mold will be made to ensure that your new crown perfectly matches the shape and size of the rest of your teeth. Then, a dental laboratory makes a custom crown just for you and we’ll place it at a second appointment to give you a gap-free smile.



Invisible braces - cosmetic and restorative dentistry

3. Invisalign Braces

If you have crooked teeth but have avoided braces because of how they look, we can straighten your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners, which are barely visible and removable. In addition to straightening, these invisible braces can also correct crowding, excessive spaces, overbites, and underbites.

Since they can be removed, you can eat, brush and floss just like you always do. They are also more comfortable than regular metal braces since they’re smooth with no sharp edges that irritate cheeks and gums.

Download a free eBook  from our Invisalign page to find out if clear aligners are right for you.



Metal free ceramic dental crowns - cosmetic and restorative dentistry

5. Teeth Whitening

Almost all of us wish our teeth were whiter. In fact, teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic procedure requested in America.

Our in-office whitening procedure usually requires two visits. First, you’ll come in to have a mold made of your teeth so we can have a custom set of plastic trays fabricated to perfectly fit your mouth. Next, you’ll come back for a second appointment to try them on so we can make any necessary adjustments.

Then, you’ll wear the trays with a whitening solution either overnight or twice a day for 30 minutes for a couple of weeks. This method lets you customize your level of whitening by deciding to stop using the solution once you’ve reached your desired shade.



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Want To Know More?

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